3D hearts created using Shimmer Vellum

Vellum hearts! Add a little touch of love to your home or work with these simple, folded vellum hearts. We created some pencil toppers for our front desk using them. These hearts are so easy to create, all you need is vellum, pencil, scoring tool, glue dots and scissors.

We’ve used a sheet of Bubble Pink Vellum from our 6″x6″ Spring Assortment Pack. We love the subtle sheen, and how the light reflects from this shimmer vellum.


  1. Take one sheet of 6″x6″ Bubble Pink vellum paper and draw a circle. Use a circle shaped item (like a bowl or coaster) as a guide.

2. Cut out the circle using scissors.

3. Score vertical lines every half inch across the circle. Fold in peaks and valleys (accordion fold). Tip: Lightly score the paper. The paper can tear if you press too hard while scoring. Use a bone folder to help crease the score.

4. Gather folds together until circle is flattened. Fold the circle in half at the center.

5. Adhere together at the center using a strong adhesive, like glue dots.

Vellum papers score, fold, cut and glue beautifully. Vellum is acid free, lignin free, and archival safe. Vellum is sold in a 6″ x 6″ and 12″ x 12″ assortment pack that includes these colors: Bubble Pink, Powder Blue, Butter Yellow, Pistachio Green and Light Lavender.

Shimmer Vellum – Spring Assortment (6×6)

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