Love Mixed Media with Real Wood

Have you ever dabbled with mixed media art? We love mixed media art and the ability to play with and explore a variety of mediums. The ‘Love’ piece we are showing you this week was created on canvas using a variety of inks, papers, and finishes. It has visual dimension as well as actual dimension. Can you spot the Real wood? In this particular piece we used Cherry wood, White Birch wood, Rustic Cherry Wood and Cherry Wood Tape. Wood is so versatile and adds another layer of variety—we love it!

Wood is an excellent surface to add to any project. We hope you’ve been inspired by our mixed media piece. Give Wood and Wood Tape a try on your next work of art.
Supplies for the ‘Love’ Mixed Media art: 11×14 canvas, Cherry Wood Sheet, White Birch Wood Sheet, Rustic Cherry Wood Sheet, Cherry Wood Tape, tissue paper, PanPastel painting set, sponges, paint brushes, various tags in various sizes, old book pages, burlap, white paper, jewel embellishments, black gel pen, black stazon ink, gold ink, white acrylic paint, black acrylic paint, tulle, ribbon, alphabet stamps, electronic cutter, word cut files, gold heart window sheet embellishments, variety of texture and background stamps, texture stencils, modgepodge, hot glue, adhesive, spray fixative, and scissors.

Tips for creating a mixed media piece:

1. Pick a sturdy and solid base that can handle many layers and possibly weight.

2. Work in layers. Allow each layer sufficient drying time. Some mediums take longer to dry than others and you may need to wait a few hours before you can proceed to the next layer.

3. Spray fixative is your friend. Use between layers to keep layers from bleeding.

4. Collage, collage, collage.

5. Try new things (techniques, textures, mediums, etc) play and have fun. There is no right or wrong way to create. If you don’t like a particular layer, go over it again (and again) until you are pleased with your work.

‘Love You’ Heart Card

Valentine’s Day is coming up and so we thought we’d share a cute little card that can be shared with any loved one. We’ve also added a bit of our new Rustic Cherry Sheets as one of the heart punch outs.

Supplies: Rustic Cherry Wood Sheet, Cherry Wood Sheet, White Birch Wood Sheet, White Birch Tape, Stardream Jupiter Card Stock (red), Magnetic Roll, Large Heart Punch, Mini Heart Punch, “Love You” Stamp, Red Ink, Mini Pearl Embellishment, White Card Stock, Red Baker’s Twine, Scissors, 1/2-inch Corner Rounder Punch, Foam Dimensionals and Adhesives.

Love You Heart Card Instructions:

1. Cut a piece of white card stock to 8.5×5.5-inches. Score length-wise as 4.25-inches and fold in half. Card will be oriented portrait.

2. Using 1/2-inch corner rounder punch, punch all four corners of the card.

3. With red ink and ‘love you’ stamp, stamp sentiment on a 3-inch piece of White Birch Wood Tape. Trim right edge of tape at an angle, with point going up. Remove paper backing and adhere tape to card front approximately 1/2-inch from the bottom of the card.

4. Using a pair of scissors, along the left fold of the card about 0.625-inches up from the bottom, cut a small slit.

5. Take a 15-inch piece of red baker’s twine and tread it through the small slit. Wrap twine around the width of the card and fasten with a bow at the left side of the card front.

6. Using a large heart punch, punch 1 White Birch heart, 1 Rustic Cherry heart and 1 Cherry Heart.

7. Using foam dimensionals, adhere the Cherry heart to the right of the red twine, slightly overlapping the White Birch Wood tape and twine.

8. Using foam dimensionals, adhere the Rustic Cherry heart about 1/4-inch directly above the Cherry heart.

9. Using adhesive, adhere the White Birch  heart directly above the Rustic Cherry  heart, leaving approximately 1/4-inch between the two.

10. Using Jupiter Stardream card stock, punch 1 mini heart. Adhere to top of White Birch  heart with a foam dimensional. Off-set slightly to the left bottom of the large heart.

11. Add 1 mini pearl to the top of the red mini heart.

Note: the small red hearts shown in the sample photo are stamped in red ink with a heart design and then punched out of our Magnetic Rolls.