Wood You Be Mine? – DIY Wood Heart Shaped Box

Handmade Valentines are made with so much love! We packed this little wood heart box full of love and candy. Sweet! This little wood Valentine Box was made using our Cherry Wood paper and a few basic crafting supplies. See DIY steps below.


1 Sheet of 12″ x 12″ Cherry Wood Paper, 1 Sheet of 8.5″ x 11″ Cherry Wood paper, chipboard heart shaped box, pink card stock, red card stock, white paper, glue, rose embellishments, shape scissors, scissors, printer and this Arrows print file.

1. Print the arrow artwork onto a sheet of Cherry Wood paper and cut out arrow. Set aside for later.
2. Print the phrase “Wood You Be Mine” onto a sheet of white paper. Cut out in banner shape. See example.
3. Trace 2 hearts onto pink card stock using the top of the chipboard heart box as a template. Adhere one heart to bottom of box.
4. Lay the pink heart onto a piece of red card stock and trim out a slightly larger red heart with a pair of shape scissors. We used pinking scissors.
5. Measure the height of your box and your lid. Our box height is 2″ and our lid height measures 1/2″. Cut Cherry Wood paper to 2″ x 12″ and 1/2″ x 12″.
6. Remove adhesive liner from back of Cherry Wood paper. Adhere Cherry Wood paper around the diameter of the box bottom and lid.
7. Adhere red heart to box top.
8. Adhere arrow to top of red heart.
9. Adhere pink heart to top of red heart and arrow, creating a sandwich.
10. Dress up the box top with rose embellishments and the “Wood You Be Mine” banner.
11. Fill box with a sweet treat or gift!

Valentine Candy Wrapped Boxes – DIY

We LOVE it when we see what can be created with our Real Wood Papers! Earlier this week, our friend Holly over at Ribbons & Glue, posted an awesome Valentine feature using our Real Wood Papers & Tapes. This wrapped treat is perfect for Valentine’s day or ANY day! Hop on over to Holly’s blog for DIY instructions and a complete list of supplies to help you recreate this darling treat box.

Glorious Glitter Cardstock in 12 x 12 – All Colors now available!

We keep on adding so many awesome items to our online store. We now have Glitter Cardstock in all shades of the rainbow and more!

Our Glitter Cardstock is 12×12, and is acid & lignin free. Want the look of glitter without the mess? The gorgeous glitter on our cardstock does not fall off, so no mess! Sold in a pack of 15 sheets.

We made a simple Valentine Heart Garland using these three colors of our new 12 x 12 Glitter Cardstock.

Silver 12 x 12 Glitter Cardstock

White 12 x 12 Glitter Cardstock

Plum 12 x 12 Glitter Cardstock

Glitter Heart Garland:

1. Punch out heart shapes from various colors of Glitter Cardstock. Punch a front and back for every heart.

2. Adhere heart fronts, in a repeating pattern, onto a string with tape or glue.

3. Line up and adhere all heart backs.

Glitter Tape

Announcing our newest product … Glitter Tape! All the dazzling charm of glitter but with no mess. Our glitter tape comes in a variety of colors and designs. These projects were created using our Red Glitter Tape in a Wave design.

Glitter Tape – Wave Red


Tape roll measures 15mm wide x 5m long (3/5″ x 5.5 yd) with a wave pattern and is Acid & Lignin free. The best part is that the glitter stays put, so no big mess! Perfect for all your projects.

We created these little red hanging hearts by punching into the glitter tape. So easy!

Wood You Be Mine – Real Wood Valentines

Handmade Valentines are a great way to show someone you care. We created these tongue and cheek Wood Valentines using Cherry and Rustic Cherry Wood sheets and the “wood you be mine” pun.

Supplies for ‘Wood You Be Mine’ Valentines: Rustic Cherry 6×12 Adhesive SheetsCherry 6×12 Adhesive SheetsCherry Wood Tape, scallop notecards and envelopes, electronic die cutter, heart cut file, Valentine rub-on image transfers, flower resin embellishments, white card stock, pink card stock, small heart punch, pearl embellishment, scissors and adhesive.

Instructions for ‘Wood You Be Mine’  Scallop notecard:

1. Using an electronic die cutter and a heart cut file, cut out a large heart from Rustic Cherry Wood Paper.

2. Remove adhesive liner and adhere the Rustic Cherry Wood Paper heart to the front of the scallop circle card.

3. Using scissors or an electronic die cutter, cut a flag shape from Cherry Wood Paper to layer over heart. Remove liner and adhere to heart shape.

4. Transfer a valentine saying or design onto the Cherry Wood Paper flag with a Valentine image transfer or rub-on.

5. Add a Valentine saying. Typeset the phrase “wood you be mine?” and print onto white card stock. Using scissors cut out saying into a hanging flag shape.

6. Adhere “wood you be mine?” phrase to top left corner of the Rustic Cherry Wood Paper heart.

7. Adhere a resin flower embellishment on top of the “wood you be mine?” flag.

8. Duplicate steps 1-8 to create more valentines using different Wood.

Instructions for envelope:

1. Dress up the envelope flap with Cherry Wood Tape and Valentine image transfers. Adhere a 6” strip of Cherry Wood Tape to the envelope flap. Trim off excess edges with scissors.

2. Rub a valentine image from the valentine image transfers onto the piece of Cherry Wood Tape.

3. Punch out a small pink card stock heart using a small heart punch.

4. Adhere a pearl to center of small pink heart.

5. Adhere heart to envelope flap. (Note: if mailing envelope and card through the postal service remove the heart and pearl from envelope flap.)

Add a little more BARC wood to your envelope using our NEW Wood address labels!

Love Mixed Media with Real Wood

Have you ever dabbled with mixed media art? We love mixed media art and the ability to play with and explore a variety of mediums. The ‘Love’ piece we are showing you this week was created on canvas using a variety of inks, papers, and finishes. It has visual dimension as well as actual dimension. Can you spot the Real wood? In this particular piece we used Cherry wood, White Birch wood, Rustic Cherry Wood and Cherry Wood Tape. Wood is so versatile and adds another layer of variety—we love it!

Wood is an excellent surface to add to any project. We hope you’ve been inspired by our mixed media piece. Give Wood and Wood Tape a try on your next work of art.
Supplies for the ‘Love’ Mixed Media art: 11×14 canvas, Cherry Wood Sheet, White Birch Wood Sheet, Rustic Cherry Wood Sheet, Cherry Wood Tape, tissue paper, PanPastel painting set, sponges, paint brushes, various tags in various sizes, old book pages, burlap, white paper, jewel embellishments, black gel pen, black stazon ink, gold ink, white acrylic paint, black acrylic paint, tulle, ribbon, alphabet stamps, electronic cutter, word cut files, gold heart window sheet embellishments, variety of texture and background stamps, texture stencils, modgepodge, hot glue, adhesive, spray fixative, and scissors.

Tips for creating a mixed media piece:

1. Pick a sturdy and solid base that can handle many layers and possibly weight.

2. Work in layers. Allow each layer sufficient drying time. Some mediums take longer to dry than others and you may need to wait a few hours before you can proceed to the next layer.

3. Spray fixative is your friend. Use between layers to keep layers from bleeding.

4. Collage, collage, collage.

5. Try new things (techniques, textures, mediums, etc) play and have fun. There is no right or wrong way to create. If you don’t like a particular layer, go over it again (and again) until you are pleased with your work.