Fall Banner

Fall is a great time to put up new home décor items! Using our Birch Real Wood SheetsCherry Real Wood Sheets and Cherry Real Wood Tape, today we’ve prepared a fun ‘fall’ banner just for the occasion.

Supplies: Birch Real Wood Sheets, Cherry Real Wood Sheets, Cherry Real Wood Tape, Brown and Sage Buttons, Pattern Chipboard Letters, Adhesives, Vanilla Card Stock, 1/8-inch Hand Punch, Brown Ribbon, Scallop Boarder Punch, Brown Ink, Scallop Circle Punch, Scissors, Pattern Paper, Leaf Stamp and Foam Dimensionals.

Fall Banner Instructions:

1. Cut four, 3.25 x 3.75-inch squares of Birch Real Wood paper.

2. Along the 3.25 edge, mark the center of each square with a 1/2-inch line. Connect each corner to the top of the center line with a dashed line. Repeat on all four Birch squares. Trim along dashed lines to create pennant banners.

3. Next, cut out four, 3.25 x 1.5-inch Cherry Real Wood squares.

4. Adhere Birch Wood pennant pieces to the Cherry Wood pieces by aligning the pennant points on the Birch Wood pieces about 1/2-inch from the edge of the Cherry Wood pieces. This will create a layered look.

5. Using a scallop border punch, trim Cherry Wood edges along the 3.25 side. Repeat on all four square pieces.

6. Beginning with the chipboard letter ‘F’, adhere to center of first pennant.

7. Trim a piece of Cherry Wood Tape to approximately 1.5-inches in length. Pink one edge with scissors (the right side slightly longer than the left). Peel backing from tape and adhere to top left of pennant and adhere a brown button to edge of tape.

8. Next, trim a piece of Cherry Tape to approximately 2.25-inches long. Then, pink both ends of the tape. Peel backing and adhere to center of the pennant, horizontally.

9. Cut vanilla card stock using a circle scallop punch. Adhere to center of Cherry Wood Tape using foam dimensionals and adhere chipboard ‘A’ to center of scalloped vanilla card stock circle.

10. On third pennant, adhere chipboard letter ‘L’ to center. Add a sage colored button to edge of ‘L’, adhere.

11. Cut a piece of Cherry Wood tape to approximately 2.75-inches in length. Trim it in half, length wise. Pink end then peel backing from tape and adhere to right edge of third pennant, approximately 1/8-inch from edge.

12. Cut a piece of pattern paper into a pennant, approximately 1/2 x 1-1/2-inches. With a foam dimensional, adhere to pennant, slightly overlapping Cherry Wood tape.

13. Using a leaf stamp and brown ink, stamp leaf at an angle, slightly to the right of center on the fourth pennant.

14. Adhere chipboard ‘L’ to center of the last pennant.

15. Using 1/8-inch hand punch, punch holes in upper left and right corners of all pennants.

16. Trim a piece of brown ribbon to approximately 36-inches in length (longer if desired). Weave the brown ribbon through each hole of the pennants. Tie off ends with a bow or tie around home décor display.

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