Rustic Birch Flower Vase door decor

We hope you are enjoying your Labor Day! We are welcoming September and the cooler weather. Our front door needed some seasonal sprucing up so we decided to create some door decor using Rustic Birch wood. We added fresh flowers to our Rustic Birch Flower Vase and love the result. Swap out flowers for every season and you’ll have a decor piece for the entire year. What can you create with Wood?

Supplies for the Rustic Birch Wood door decor: Rustic Birch Adhesive roll, four plastic tubes, hot glue and glue gun, crop-a-dile, scissors, ribbon and flowers.

Instructions for Rustic Birch Wood door decor:

1. Measure plastic tube height and diameter. Ours measured 6.75 x 3.75. Cut four Rustic Birch wood pieces to the plastic tube measurements.

2. Remove adhesive liner from the Rustic Birch wood and adhere to the plastic tube. Trim excess if needed. Note: we chose to wrap plastic tubes in the Rustic wood so we could fill the tubes with water if needed. The same look could be achieved with paper tubes and fake flowers.

3. Glue the four tubes together using hot glue.

4. Punch a .25 hole in the far left and far right tube approximately 1 inch below the top of the tube.

5. Cut two 12″ pieces of ribbon.

6. Push one ribbon end through the punched hole in the left tube. Tie knot to secure. Repeat this step for the right tube.

7. Tie both ribbon ends together at the top to hang decor.

8. Fill with seasonal fresh or fake flowers and hang.

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