Thankful Banner Decor

Thinking forward to the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday and your table décor? Well, here is a center piece idea that is easy and fun to make, using our Cherry Real Wood Tape and Birch Real Wood Tape.

Supplies: Cherry Real Wood TapeBirch Real Wood Tape, Gold Glitter Tape, Orange Twine, White Card Stock, 1-1/4 inch Circle Punch, Alphabet Stamp Set, Orange Ink, Blue Ink, Brown Ink, Foam Dimensionals, 5-inch tall Clay Pot (or any other planter pot), 1/8-inch Wooden Dowel (trimmed to 12-inches) or Wooden Food Skewer, White Crinkle Paper, Scissors, and Tissue Paper.

Thankful Banner Décor Instructions:

1. Begin by wrapping gold glitter tape around the top rim of clay pot. Then fill the base with tissue paper, leave an inch at the top to finish off with white crinkle paper.

2. Poke two 12 inch wood skewers or dowels into the tissue paper in pot.

3. Take orange twine and fasten to each end of the skewers with a bow.

4. Next, take orange, blue and brown ink and stamp the letters ‘T’, ‘h’, ‘a’, ‘n’, ‘k’, ‘f’, ‘u’, ‘l’ using an alphabet set on a white piece of card stock. Leave approximately 1-1/4 inch between each letter.

5. Take a 1-1/4 inch circle punch and punch out each letter in the center of the circle.

6. Next trim 4, 5 inch pieces of Cherry Real Wood tape and 4, 5 inch pieces of Birch Real Wood tape. Score each piece in the middle.

7. Beginning with a Birch piece of Real Wood tape, peel backing and wrap tape around orange twine. Align the two sides of the tape and stick them together.

8. Repeat step 7, alternating between the Cherry Real Wood tape and Birch Real Wood tape pieces, until the entire line is filled. Using a pair of scissors trim each piece of the Cherry Real Wood tape and Birch Real Wood tape pieces into a pinked edge.

9. Trim 8, 2-inch pieces of gold glitter tape with one end pinked.

10. Adhere each of the gold glitter tape pieces to the center of each of the Real Wood tape pieces.

11. Next, adhere each 1-1/4 inch circle with the letters of the stamped ‘Thankful’ to the center of each pennant along the banner using foam dimensionals.

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