Rustic Birch Real Wood projects

Butterflies are making an appearance this spring, dancing around our woods. The project this week is inspired by spring butterflies and Rustic Birch Wood. This simple project came together in minutes with just a few basic supplies. If you have a shape punch and some wood you can recreate an art piece like ours.

Supplies for tiled Butterfly art piece: Rustic Birch wood, Butterfly punch, 12×12 canvas or surface and foam adhesive.

Instructions for tiled Butterfly art piece:

1. Punch out 30 butterflies from a sheet of Rustic Birch wood.

2. Arrange the punched butterflies in 6 rows of 5 onto a 12×12 canvas or surface. Use a ruler if needed to line up the butterflies and space evenly.

3. Adhere each butterfly to the surface using foam adhesive.

4. Display.


Rustic Birch wood is versatile and great to use in your paper crafting too. These two cards use Rustic Birch labels as the foundation embellishments. ARC label sheets are available in Rustic Birch, Rustic Cherry, Birch, Cherry and ChalkTalk.

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