Real Wood mini collage book

Two weeks ago we showed you how well Wood can work with Mixed Media. Our projects this week are similar and show how awesome Wood works with collage art. Wood paper is a great base as well as an accent for any type of project. These mini books have been covered with Wood paper and dressed up with many fun embellishments, including snips of Wood Tape.

Supplies for the ‘Ruler Collage’ mini book: White Birch Wood Paper , Rustic Cherry Wood Paper, Cherry Wood Tape, Heavy chipboard, Tim Holtz ruler binding system or ruler and wing-nuts, heavy printed acetate, white fish netting, paper butterfly embellishments, gold doily, old tickets, black gel pen, brown pearl embellishments, circle stripe stamp, blue stamp ink, circle punch, crop-a-dile, heavy duty corner round punch, string closure ties, white text weight paper, scoring tool, hobby blade, adhesive, and scissors.

Note: Mixed media and collage art are about trial and error, playing and experimenting. Results may and should vary.

Book assembly Directions:

1. Determine book size. Our book is 4″ x 5″.

2. Cut two pieces of heavy chipboard to 4″ x 5″.

3. Cover one side of both pieces of 4″ x 5″ heavy chipboard with Rustic Cherry wood. Trim any excess with a hobby blade.

4. Cut two pieces of heavy printed acetate to 4″ x 5″.

5. Determine the number of pages for your book. Our book has 30 pages. Cut pages to 3-3/4″ x 4-3/4″. Round interior page corners with a heavy duty corner round punch, if desired.

6. Stack book for assembly in this order: back piece of chipboard covered in Rustic Cherry, 30 pages, front piece of chipboard covered in Rustic Cherry, and 4″ x 5″ piece of heavy printed acetate.

7. Using a crop-a-dile, punch 1/4″ two holes through your assembled book. These holes will serve for bindery once the ruler is attached. Tip: use the punched ruler as your guide when punching holes through your book.

8. Attach Tim Holtz Ruler binding system using wing-nuts. Put one ruler piece on front and one on back. Loosely thread together with wing-nuts. Keep wing-nuts loose until cover is completely decorated.

9. Score book cover along right side of ruler allowing book to flip open and provide easier access to interior pages.

10. Round all four corners of the assembled book with a heavy duty corner round punch.

Decorate book cover:

1. Stamp circle design image in blue ink and punch out. Set aside.

2. Tear or cut a 3″ piece of Cherry Wood Tape. Using a black gel pen write out book title onto piece of Cherry Wood Tape.

3. Gather all embellishments. Arrange, layer, collage and adhere the following embellishments in order from bottom to top: gold doily, circle punched image, 2″ x 3″ piece of White Birch wood, old ticket, Cherry Wood Tape, white fish net, paper butterflies, and adhesive backed brown pearls. See example for placement suggestion.

4. Be sure all embellishments are tucked under the ruler bind. Tighten wing-nuts. Add brown pearls to wing-nut tips.

5. Adhere a circle string closure to front and back of book covers.

You can cover any type of mini book or journal with real Wood. Below we’ve covered a spiral bound mini book in real Cherry wood.

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