Real Wood Fall Frame Home Decor

This week we are excited to share a beautiful Fall home decor piece created from Cherry and Birch wood rolls, tape and a repurposed wooden frame.

Supplies for Wood Fall Frame: White Birch Wood Tape, White Birch 12×24 Adhesive Roll, Cherry 12×24 Adhesive Roll, Rustic wooden frame (8×10 opening), 8×10 inch piece of chipboard, copper shimmer paint, sponge dauber, small pinecones, electronic cutting machine, word art file, maple leaf art file, dotted stencil mask, hot glue, hot glue gun, foam tape and scissors.

Instructions for Real Wood Fall Frame:

1. Adhere Real Cherry wood adhesive roll to 8×10 piece of chipboard to create base for words.

2. Cut two 8″ pieces of Real Birch wood tape. Remove liner and adhere to top and bottom of Real Cherry wood base.

3. Typeset fall themed words and cut out using an electronic cutter onto White Birch Adhesive roll. Arrange and adhere words onto Cherry wood base. Insert wood base into frame.

4. Using a maple leaf cut file and an electronic cutter, cut out 3 maple leaves from White Birch adhesive roll.

5. Adhere one White Birch leaf to Cherry wood base using foam tape. See example.

6. Completely color one leaf using copper shimmer paint. Using a dotted stencil, copper shimmer paint and sponge dauber, stencil the pattern onto one leaf.

7. Arrange and adhere copper leaf, stencil leaf, and pinecones to wood frame using hot glue.

8. Display.

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