Real Wood Tape Herb Markers

Fresh vegetables and herbs are one of the joys summer brings. We have just finished planting our outdoor garden & indoor herb garden. We are so ready for our plants to GROW. Hurry up! While we are watching and waiting for our plants to mature we found a super simple and fresh looking way to label our herbs with Birch Wood Tape. Give your plants a little TLC. Tape, Label, Care!

Check out how cute our little basil plant turned out! We decided to give it to a neighbor for her birthday. We dressed up the Birch Wood Tape plant markers with some ribbon, paper flags and a birthday sentiment.

Supplies for the ‘Herb Markers’: White Birch Wood Tape, wood skewers, fine tip colored sharpie, and scissors.

‘Herb Marker’ Instructions:

1. Cut 5″ strips of White Birch Wood Tape. Cut as many strips as plants you’d like to label.

2. Remove backing from White Birch Wood Tape and lay tape adhesive side up.

3. Center the wood skewer (at 2-1/2″) on the 5″ piece of cut White Birch Wood Tape, stick the wood skewer to the tape adhesive.

4. Fold White Birch Wood Tape around the skewer. Press adhesive sides of White Birch Wood Tape together firmly.

5. Trim a flag shape on the end of the folded White Birch Wood Tape.

6. With a fine point colored sharpie label your herb or plant. Tip: we used permanent ink so there was less chance of the ink running if it got wet.

7. OPTIONAL: Dress up your plant markers with patterned paper flags and ribbons. Makes a cute gift.

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