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EVO Background Art using Bubble Wrap

Hello! Welcome back friends. This week we are painting on EVO Synthetic Paper using alcohol ink and bubble wrap. Yes, bubble wrap! It’s an interesting “tool” to use but we are loving the various end results. First we started with two colors of Alcohol Ink: Piñata Señorita Magenta and Tim Holtz Sunshine Yellow. We mixed […]

Creating delicate paper embellishments with EVO!

Hello Friends! Do you like to create your own custom embellishments and word art for your projects? We do this all the time but now we have a new secret weapon… EVO Synthetic paper.  We’ve been creating loads of delicate paper embellishments from our of EVO paper. Want to know why? EVO paper is tear resistant!!! Sometimes regular […]

EVO Synthetic Paper – Jellyfish Art

Hello friends. Today we are sharing this Jelly fish art piece that was totally inspired by the process of creation. We had no idea when we started painting this EVO background and used a hair dryer and blew into a straw to help move the alcohol ink around. The ink flows so freely on EVO synthetic paper […]

Ink colors will SHINE! EVO Synthetic Paper

BRIGHT. BOLD. FLUID. Synthetic paper never looked so good! EVO Paper is engineered especially for fine artists, crafters, makers and mixed media artists. ✓ BRIGHT WHITE––your colors will shine.   ✓ WATER RESISTANT––enhances water, oil, and alcohol-based inks. ✓ TEAR RESISTANT––folds and cuts without tearing or shredding. ✓ FLEXIBLE––feels soft to the touch. ✓ FORGIVING—can reuse EVO and […]

Painting Hydrangea Florals on EVO Synthetic Paper

It’s graduation season around here and we are sending out bunches of graduation congratulations cards. A handmade card and some cash is a great way to send off graduates into the next chapter of life. We created this pretty floral card using Copic Markers and our EVO Synthetic paper for a friends daughter.  The Hydrangea […]

Capturing and drawing a BOLD BUTTERFLY on EVO Synthetic Paper

Ah, the beauty of a butterfly! This butterfly drawing was created using EVO Synthetic Paper, Copic markers, Isopropyl Alcohol and Microperm Pens. Step by step details on how this piece came to life are below. Did you know you can draw directly onto EVO Synthetic paper using alcohol markers and then manipulate and work the […]

Stay Cool card created using EVO Synthetic Paper

Summer calls for popsicles. They are a favorite treat around here for so many reasons. They are so juicy, yummy, and frozen! Inspired by these delicious treats we created this fun summer card using our EVO papers. STAY COOL CARD: 1. Paint some simple drippy textures on EVO Synthetic paper using Piñata Magenta and Orange […]

Pattern Play with EVO Paper – Color lifting with stamps

A little dabbling will do you! We love the creative fulfillment we feel when we are experimenting with inks on EVO paper. This EVO art piece came together in an unexpected way and over a few days. We created a basic background using various blue and green alcohol inks on EVO Synthetic paper. We painted and […]

Painting on EVO Synthetic Paper

EVO Synthetic paper is a great substrate for fine artists, crafters, painters, mixed media artists and makers in general. It’s an excellent choice if your looking for a bright white, waterproof paper. We love seeing what YOU are creating with EVO paper. This piece was created on a 5×7 sheet of EVO paper. The sky […]