Real Wood Gift card holder

Packaging can make any gift extra special. Dress up your next gift card with some simple packaging and make your gift a little more meaningful. We created a beautiful gift card holder and a bow with belly band using wood sheets.

Supplies for the ‘Gift Card holder’: White Birch Wood Sheet, Cherry wood sheet, metallic gold ink, polka dot background stamp, pink flower embellishment, scoring tool or bone folder, 1/2″ corner punch, Big Shot machine, bow die, gold brad, glue dots, and adhesive.

‘Gift Card holder’ Instructions:

1. To create the envelope for your gift card cut a piece of White Birch wood sheet to 6-3/4″ x 4-1/2″.

2. With wood side facing up, stamp the polka dot stamp with gold ink onto the White Birch wood sheet.

3. Flip White Birch wood sheet over with paper side facing up. Position White Birch wood sheet horizontal. Coming from the left side score the backside of the sheet at the 2″ and 4-3/4″ mark. Fold inward.

3. Using the 1/2″ corner punch punch all four corners of the folded White Birch wood sheet piece. When unfolded your holder will look like photo above.

4. Using an adhesive strip, adhere the right side flap down leaving a pocket for your gift card.

5. Next grab your Big Shot and bow die. Cut out the bow using a piece of Cherry wood sheet. Once assembled these cutouts will create your bow. Note: you can easily hand cut a bow using the shapes below as a rough outline.

6. Assemble your bow. Take one bow loop and using a glue dot adhere narrow end to end. Duplicate process with other bow end. Adhere both ends together in the middle. Wrap small piece around middle. Adhere.

7. Using a gold brad and pink flower create an embellishment for the center of your bow. Tack down with a glue dot.

8. Next cut a strip of Cherry wood sheet to 3/4″ x 9″. This will serve as the belly band to slide on and off of your gift card holder.

9. Wrap the 3/4″ x 9″strip of Cherry wood around gift card holder. Adhere bow to belly band.

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